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Ocean Freight

Ocean Freight

Our ocean carriers are available to meet the challenges and deadlines of your overseas shipping itinerary, whether it be automobiles, motorcycles, or even shoes.

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What is Ocean Freight?

Ocean freight services are the backbone of global trade, transporting containerized cargo via sea vessels. In fact, over 90% of the world's trade depends on sea freight services. If you're thinking of shipping goods globally, especially if they weigh more than 100kg or require multiple cartons, ocean freight is likely your most convenient option.

Our ocean freight forwarding services specialize in the transport of heavyweight shipments through specially designed containers. These containers are engineered for intermodal freight transport, meaning they can seamlessly transition from sea to rail to road without requiring the cargo to be unloaded and reloaded. This makes ocean freight not just cost-effective but also incredibly efficient for shipping goods globally.

Our Sea Freight Cargo Services

Specializing in international sea freight services, Bombino Express offers customized, cost-effective solutions. With coverage from the Pacific to the Atlantic, we provide reliable transit times and fixed departures to ensure optimized global supply chains.

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Full Container Load (FCL)

When you need reliable ocean freight from India to USA or other global destinations, our Full Container Load (FCL) services stand out. Partnering with various ocean carriers, we offer weekly services across more than 10,000 port-pairs worldwide.

As a reputable ocean shipping company, we specialize in FCL sea freight services tailored to meet various logistical challenges. Whether you're transporting electronics, machinery, or other goods, our FCL options ensure your cargo moves efficiently and securely. Our sea freight and sea freight forwarding services include specialized solutions, like temperature-controlled or high-value cargo shipments, to meet your specific needs.

Bombino Express offers more than just sea freight; we provide comprehensive sea freight forwarding services to make your shipping experience hassle-free. With our advanced tracking features, you'll always know where your cargo is, giving you peace of mind.

Less than Container Load (LCL)

For businesses or individuals needing to ship smaller volumes, our Less than Container Load (LCL) services are an optimal choice. Operating on more than 600 lanes, we cover over 10,000 port-pairs globally. Plus, we offset 100% of emissions for all LCL shipments at no extra cost to you.

When you opt for our LCL sea freight from India to USA or other international destinations, you're choosing a flexible and cost-effective shipping method. In LCL, your cargo shares container space with goods from other shippers, helping you save on shipping costs. As a top-notch sea freight forwarder, we provide robust sea freight forwarding services that include real-time tracking and specialized handling for different types of cargo.

Whether you're considering domestic or international sea freight services, our LCL solutions offer the flexibility and efficiency you need. Partner with us and benefit from comprehensive sea freight forwarding services that make your shipping experience seamless and eco-friendly.

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Ocean Freight Management Services

Navigating the complexities of ocean freight can be challenging, but our comprehensive range of freight management services is designed to simplify the process for you. Whether you're considering ocean freight from India to USA or other global routes, we offer tailored solutions that cater to your shipping needs.

Our standard offerings include carrier booking, EDI interfacing, dashboard monitoring, carrier management, and much more. As a leader in ocean freight services in India, we specialize in carrier allocation optimization and provide real-time shipment and purchase order visibility. Document, purchase order, and vendor management are also key aspects of our ocean freight forwarding services.

Whatever your requirements, we provide the flexibility to customize our ocean freight services to suit your specific needs, ensuring a smooth and efficient shipping experience.

Client Consolidation: Buyer's and Seller's Services

At the intersection of efficiency and cost-saving lies our specialized client consolidation services. Our ocean freight services offer both Buyer's and Seller's Consolidation to simplify your shipping requirements.

For businesses sourcing from multiple suppliers, we bring together your LCL shipments into an FCL, optimizing sea freight from India to USA and other global destinations. This process takes place at a central consolidation hub to ensure smooth delivery.

Conversely, our Seller's Consolidation service merges multiple shipments from a single source into one FCL. Ideal for sea freight services involving diverse buyers, these consolidated shipments are then distributed globally.

Leverage our ocean freight services India to achieve both efficiency and economy in your shipping operations.

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Why Choose Bombino Express for Ocean Freight Services?

Navigating the vast seas of international shipping can be a daunting task. So, why trust Bombino Express? For starters, we're not just any ocean freight forwarder; we have established ourselves as a trusted partner for thousands. Beyond the waves, our international courier service from India stands unparalleled, ensuring your consignments reach their destinations timely and securely. Dive deeper, and you'll find our sea freight services meticulously designed to cater to both large corporations and individual customers. Choosing Bombino Express means choosing experience, reliability, and a promise that your cargo is in the safest hands. Simplify your shipping journey; choose Bombino Express - where world-class ocean freight meets unmatched courier expertise.

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Value Added Services

  • Custom Clearance & Forwarding
  • Full-Container Load (FLC) Consolidation
  • Less-Container Load (LCL) Consolidation
  • On-the-Spot/Factory Stuffing of Containers
  • Multi-Model Transport Operators
  • Infrastructure & Services Facilities at All Sea Ports and Dry Ports
  • Dry or Liquid Bulk Shipments
  • Insurance and Packing Options
  • Customs Warehousing
  • Automated Documentation
  • Cargo Tracking System
  • Communication Facilities

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Ocean freight is the process of shipping large amounts of goods by sea. This is the most common way to transport items internationally, especially for shipments weighing more than 100kg. If you're looking to send goods over long distances, especially international routes, ocean freight services are often the most cost-effective and efficient option.
Ocean freight works by loading your containerized goods onto a sea vessel which travels to a specified destination port. Once the ship arrives, the cargo undergoes customs clearance and is then ready for onward transportation via road or rail. All these services are usually coordinated by an ocean freight forwarding service to ensure seamless and efficient delivery.
Sea freight shipping is essentially another term for ocean freight. It involves the transportation of goods via ocean vessels from one port to another. Sea freight services are ideal for shipping large and heavy cargo over long distances, making them a preferred choice for international shipping needs.
FCL stands for Full Container Load, when a single container is used exclusively by one shipper for its cargo. Choosing FCL is advantageous if you have enough goods to fill an entire container. It offers more control over the container's contents and typically results in faster shipping times compared to LCL (Less than Container Load). An ocean shipping company will usually recommend FCL for large or heavy shipments.
LCL stands for Less than Container Load. This option is ideal if you don't have enough cargo to fill an entire container. With LCL, your cargo shares container space with other shippers' goods. This method is cost-effective for smaller shipments, and it allows you to take advantage of ocean freight services without needing to rent an entire container.
Our Freight Management Services offer a complete suite of solutions tailored to your shipping needs. We manage every aspect of the freight process, from carrier booking to shipment tracking. Whether you're shipping via FCL or LCL, we use our expertise in ocean freight services to provide you with the most efficient and cost-effective shipping options.
Client consolidation refers to the practice of combining smaller shipments (LCL) from multiple clients into a single container (FCL). By doing this, clients can save on shipping costs while taking advantage of the speed and efficiency of FCL shipments managed by an ocean shipping company.

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