Custom Clearance

Custom Clearance

Overview on Custom Clearance

Customs clearance may frequently be a challenging and drawn-out process when exporting products across borders. In order to ensure that your products arrive at their destination efficiently and without incident, Bombino Express provides thorough customs clearance services.

The customs laws and practises of different nations throughout the world are thoroughly understood by our team of professionals. To make sure that all required paperwork is in place and that your items are authorised for entry into the destination country, we work closely with customs officials.

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Tips to Avoid Customs Delays

  • First, regardless of whether it is a sample or not, be sure to declare the correct value of your item. This value will be used to assess duties and taxes. Keep multiple-piece shipments together as well as identify each item separately to prevent confusion.
  • All required customs documentation must be completed accurately. Make certain that your responses are clear, precise, and error-free. It is also crucial to maintain uniformity throughout all required documents.
  • While completing customs paperwork, list each item separately and give a thorough and precise description of each one, including its composition and intended use. The country from which the product was produced or made should be prominently printed on the label.
  • Last but not least, provide your brokers full contact details if you are using one. Also, the procedure can be accelerated up by providing contact details for the sender and consignee via fax or phone.
Custom Brokage

Bombino offers customs brokerage services to ensure compliance with international shipping regulations. Our experts stay up-to-date with changing laws to avoid delays and fees. With every international shipment, we provide brokerage services, or you can use your own broker.

Required Customs Documentation

Proper custom clearance processing is crucial when shipping internationally to avoid delays or issues. At Bombino, we understand the importance of having the right customs documentation, which is why we offer guidance and support to ensure a successful shipment. Learn more about the required customs documentation and how we can assist you with the custom clearance processing.

Duties & Taxes

When shipping internationally, it is important to be aware of duties and taxes assessed by the importing countrys government. These charges can lead to unexpected expenses and delays for both the sender and recipient. By understanding these fees and what to expect, you can save time, money, and effort. At Bombino, we offer expert customs clearance services to help you navigate these charges and ensure your shipment arrives smoothly and efficiently.

Regulatory Alerts

quickly, so we stay on top of them so you do not have to. With our help, you can stay aware of any new developments and ensure that your international shipments meet all necessary requirements for a smooth and efficient custom clearance processing.

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