Dear All, As per our data analysis of shipments being damaged in transit or at delivery which contain eatables ( most likely pickles and other such semiliquid/liquid foodstuff ) which are not sufficiently packed inside the shipping carton box, it is observed that the damage occurred to the package is major which results in damage of the entire box and its contents. In such case, due to heavy damage and leakage of the foodstuff, the delivery vendors ( FedEx, UPS, etc. ) directly discard/destroy the complete package then and there as there is possibility of other packages to get damaged as well. On investigation, there is no claim provided for such a case of damage due to insufficient packaging and nature of contents. Hence, it is hereby requested to make sure that packaging of foodstuffs inside the carton box is done as per international shipping standards with plastic shrink wrap and proper separation of eatables contents from other regular contents inside the box. In case of any damage occurred due to insufficient packaging of eatables resulting in entire or partial discarding of package, there will be no claim provided under any circumstances. Also no refund of freight/shipping charges will be provided in any case.